BBQ Rubs & Seasonings

Question: Does this product contain any salt?

Answer: Yes! It contains salt, specifically, Pink Himalayan Salt, which contains less salt than other rubs, therefore, you can add more flavour without adding too much salt to your cooking.

Question: Does this product contain nuts?

Answer: Can not guarantee nut free.

Question: Is it suitable for Vegetarians?

Answer: Yes it is, and also Vegans.

Question: Is this product Gluten Free?

Answer:  The product isn’t certified gluten free, however, there are no gluten ingredients used. That said, if you’re highly sensitive to gluten, we would recommend not using the product.

Bento Box 2 compartment

Question: Can it be washed in the Dishwasher?

Answer: Yes, both the box and lid can be placed in the dishwasher. We recommend placing it on the top shelf.

Question: Is it possible to detach one compartment and use it separately?

Answer: Yes, the lunch box comes with a set of extra clips that allows you to easily change it to “single layer” mode.

Question: Would any of the compartments be suitable for soups?

Answer: Yes! the leakproof seal is completely watertight, so you can carry soup or any liquid with you.

Question: Does it keep the food warm? If yes, how long for?

Answer: It doesn’t keep the food warm, however, the purpose of our bento box, is to help you prep your meals, and because it can be used in the microwave, you can always warm up your food later.

Pocket Sriracha

Question: What are the dimensions of the bottle?

Answer: The bottle is about 10cm tall. 3.5 cm wide, and 2.4cm deep at the widest part.

Question: How long can you keep the sauce for?

Answer: This listing is for the empty bottles.

Question:  Could you store oil in the bottle?

Answer: Yes, the bottle can store any oil or liquid.

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